About Us

The company commenced business in Sabah, Malaysia as a modest road marking contractor in the 80's and continued to expand the business into road infrastructures related projects in the 90's. Gammerlite Sdn Bhd is now a registered Class “A” contractor with the PKK (Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor) as well as Class “G7” with CIDB (Lembaga Pembangunan Industrial Pembinaan Malaysia). We are grateful to our Malaysian Government for granting us the award of the project with the appointment of our company in 2003 as Concessionaire for Federal Road Maintenance in East Coast of Sabah.

Over the years, the company has been able to acquire the know-how experience from wide exposure to many challenging environments in the corporate arena, such as principally, among others, design-and-build expertise, human resource management, financial hurdles, procurement of quality products, as well as coping with high expectation from the public and clients for delivery of tasks entrusted to us.

With all these motivating factors, the company has initiated an effective strategic plan to strive for a wider scope of its business for higher growth and is now working in tandem within the Group to embark on a program towards a new direction with the theme:


In a simple term, the company which is ISO 9001:2008 certified is ready to serve our clients with consultancy services on predetermined level of service needed for the road users. These shall include the provision of designing safer road, training, financial planning, procurement, logistic planning, manufacturing, project management and construction works.

In addition, we provide road asset management on GIS platform which includes Pavement Management System (PMS) with Pavement Life Cycle Cost Analysis to facilitate planning of routine and programmed maintenance works. Our young and highly self-motivated teams shall continue to enhance and improve their skills and knowledge to deliver customer satisfaction that is the core element for success.